PianoLean-web2Welcome to BERGFELD’s website. You’ve come to the right place.

Clearing out and leaving a home of many years can seem overwhelming.

I know some of what you are facing from my own experience.  Over thirty years ago, I went through this process caring for my father during his battle with cancer, and, after his death, working at clearing the family’s 6 bedroom house of 35 years.


How to begin? How to find the right services to help you? You need to be certain that everything, all details are managed correctly, honestly, on schedule, and according to your wishes.

BERGFELD’s does this for you.

For 28 years, BERGFELD’s has provided people with a full range of essential services to totally manage personal property and clear out a home vacated by a death, move or relocation. We also have extensive experience in helping clients whose hoarding patterns put them at serious risk in their homes.  This website introduces you to what we do and how we do it. I trust our expertise will be helpful to you.

Kristin P. Bergfeld